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The Edible Complex

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So I’ve decided…

February 2, 2011

My family was never much for cooking and because of that, I never REALLY learned how to cook.

I can say that on the gamble that my mom will never read this.  She cooked for my dad – who was basically the family goat.  He ate ANYthing in the fridge no matter if it was spoiled or not.  He would just ask why these olives tasted funny at which point my mom would point out that they were, in fact…  peaches.

Mom worked nights at Stanford hospital (Emergency Room) so Dad made breakfast.  Usually pancakes or oatmeal, at which he excelled.   Mom made dinners and the burden was on her to make a meal that was  1) Fast.  2) Easy.  3) Cheap.   …Like Tara Reid.  Items were tossed together to make a healthy meal that could keep in the fridge.  Often the meals were very good and she prided herself on them.  But there was no celebration of the meal.  At the dinner table they were either reading or watching TV.   Meals were something that needed to be done to sustain life, not an occasion to come together and bond – much less engage the senses.


So I have decided to learn how to cook.  Not in that “Julie & Julia” way where the whiny 20-something bitches about how unfair life is because she has to bone a duck.  But rather in my own fashion where I try things out, post my experiments and failures and generally keep recipes because, hey – why not?


Incidentally, mom?  I love you and no, they were delicious.